Sunday, April 25, 2010

Late, late post

This post is waaaay overdue. I've been extra stretched out these last few days. I have AP tests coming up and finals. Also, with my school year coming to an end in about 5 weeks the teachers find it necessary to dump new papers, projects, and tests on us. So, to sum this all up I've been really busy and haven't had time to think of posting.

Anywho, on to more important matters...

Here are the few eats from the last couple days:

1/2 cup oats, confetti apples, SF syrup, 1 SF lime jello, 1/2 cup skim milk

                          I'll admit that this stuff is DELISH! I'm unsure how healthy it is though. I'm aware some people have adverse reactions to the sugar alcohol. My moto is "Everything's fine in moderation." Except cyanide...just avoid that please.

Also, I enjoyed a Fiber One Oats & Chocolate Bar. I ended up breaking it up to dip in my blueberry Greek yogurt. This was the Yoplait variety and it was the first time I've had Greek yogurt. The taste was a little strange to be honest. The Fiber One pieces made it better. I want to try Chobani. Has anyone had both? Which is better?

Yum! I have to admit I'm impressed with the stats on Greek Yogurt. You'll notice I mixed another SF jello in with the granola. Double YUM!

I eat these too much probably. But look! Naturally flavored...
Is it just me or does that look unatural?

Thanks for reading! G2g and study Chem for an AP exam. Oh! Also, I have my prom coming up. I'll post pics of my dress, etc. It's really gorgeous.


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  1. hey girl! thanks for checking out my bloggie :) glad you like it and stay for a while!

    i loveee yoplait greek! it's my second fav after fage of course :)

  2. Chobani is super tasty! I wasn't sure about the taste of Greek yogurt but I think it depends on the brand. Now I love it!

    Thanks again for stopping by my blog!